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  • WordPress Theme Development


Production by GTIS

Ristorante Loren is a special place born from Italian dreams of taste and style.

The beautiful life. La Bella vita.

We utilized GSAP (GreenSock Animation Platform) along with scroll trigger and mouse-based website interactions to create a custom WordPress theme with a modern and classy feel. By combining these technologies, we were able to deliver an interactive and visually stunning user experience that engaged the user and effectively showcased the look and feel a restaurant of this caliber deserves.

O sole mio!

In order to ensure that the playful and interactive elements of our recent client project were also present on smaller devices like mobile phones and tablets, we utilized responsive design techniques throughout the development process. By carefully designing and coding the website to adapt seamlessly to a range of screen sizes.

This involved utilizing custom media queries, flexible grids, javascript and other responsive design techniques to ensure that the website looked and functioned perfectly on any device.


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