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  • WordPress Theme Development


Production by GTIS

Located in the iconic Nelson Mandela Square, TANG is a luxurious and sensory dining experience inspired by contemporary Japanese izakayas and the classic Cantonese eateries of Hong Kong.

We utilized SmoothScrollbar to enhance the default browser scrolling experience, while incorporating scroll-based animations with GSAP to create a visually appealing interface that delivers a premium feel while browsing the website.

We also created a custom-coded website preloader to improve the user experience and used the ACF plugin for easy content management.

Overall, the process involved a combination of design, development, and implementation techniques to deliver a tailored solution that met the client’s specific needs.

To ensure the WordPress theme was fully responsive on all devices, we adopted a mobile-first approach in our development process. This involved utilizing responsive design principles such as fluid grids, responsive images, and media queries.

We also conducted rigorous testing on various devices with varying screen sizes to ensure that the website functioned flawlessly across smartphones, tablets, and desktops.


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